We are not alone. We never were .We are not alone. We never were. We are not alone We are not alone. We never were. We are not alone. We never were.


Personal Mission Statement:

- To help people in their spiritual growth

- To aid people in becoming more knowledgeable about humanity's role in the universe

- To educate and inform about other worlds, dimensions and realms

- To investigate the mysteries of the universe and how they connect to humanity





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My Books:

Encyclopedia of the Unseen World

The Ultimate Guide to Apparitions, Death Bed Visions, Mediums, Shadow People, Wandering Spirits, and Much, Much More

Did you know Tony Bennett, Ernest Hemingway, and Carl Jung all had near death experiences?  Or, that evidence supports Abraham Lincoln used spiritualism during the Civil War to obtain military information? Have you ever experienced bilocation or wondered about the difference between clairvoyance, clairscentience, and clairaudience? In an A-Z format (from Acheron to Zoroaster),  Encyclopedia of the Unseen World provides a fascinating trip to the world beyond the known.  You’ll learn of historical figures and contemporary celebrities who have reported contact with the unseen. You’ll learn the difference between protoplasm and poltergeists; about fairies, gnomes, shadow people, lares, Thanatos, earthbound spirits, orbs, Mors, and old souls -- and the practices and divinatory arts that have been used for centuries to tap into the world beyond the known. Shakespeare called the world of spirits, the realm that we inhabit after death, the “undiscovered country.” Now, in the Encyclopedia of the Unseen World (Weiser Books, August 2010), that country is no longer undiscovered.


The Encyclopedia of God

An A-Z Guide to Thoughts, Ideas, and Beliefs About God

The Encyclopedia of God, offers a stimulating and inspiring review of the thoughts of hundreds of scholars, religious authorities, mystics, writers, saints, prophets, philosophers, poets--even celebrities--on the nature of God. Although we can't question God, we can evaluate the information contained in these sources and draw our own conclusions about who and what God is. It's my desire to portray God as a multi-faceted spiritual entity whose characteristics have shaped our lives since the dawn of mankind. In a highly accessible A-Z format, the book presents hundreds of short informative entries from diverse traditions and beliefs. From Arabot, the Seventh Heaven in Judaic lore, to Thomas Jefferson's beliefs in God, from Brahma, Hinduism's chief deity, to Mulungu, the Supreme Being in some East African beliefs--you'll find it all in this revealing tour through the world's beliefs. Among the riches in The Encyclopedia of God, you'll find a chronicle of the acts of God, past and future; God's relationship with the saints, prophets, and other holy men and women; God's relationship with the angels; the beliefs about God of world religions and ancient cultures; and new age thoughts on God. All entries are meticulously cross-referenced to give you quick access to related topics.

The Encyclopedia of Angels

With over 4000 entries, The Encyclopedia of Angels covers every angel topic from Aaron to Zuriel. This heavenly volume lists the names, responsibilities, and orders of the cherubs as well as the various hierarchies which have been created throughout history. More than just a dictionary of angels' names, however, painters, sculptors, writers, and philosophers who used angels in their works are included. Readers will have easy access to famous writings featuring angels, the angels of the holy books, the nature of angels, and angelic experiences of the saints, prophets, and mystics. With extensive and organized cross-referencing, The Encyclopedia of Angels is the ultimate resource guide for all angel lovers and scholars.